How often should I wash my extensions?

Shampoo at least once a week, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Let your extensions air dry.


Can I color my extensions?

Unique Extensions is 100% Virgin hair and can be colored. Be sure to keep colored extensions conditioned and moisturized.


How much hair do I need?

For 14"-18" Lanice Unique Extensions require 2-3 bundles. For 20"-24" we recommend 3 bundles. For 26"-34" we recommend 4-5 Bundles.


How long can this hair last?

This hair can last long for a very long time, the better you take care of it the longer you can have it. Our Unique Dolls generally use their hair for 12 months to 24 months.



Do my extensions require daily maintenance?

Yes! For deep curly and deep wave use a spray bottle of water for a natural look. For a wet look use a leave in conditioner and water. Comb through your extensions with a wide tooth comb. The ultimate goal is to make your extensions LAST!



How do I make an Exchange/Return?

Lanice Unique Extensions is here to make your experience one of the best experiences you will ever encounter. Please email for more information and further details.



How long does shipping usually take?

2-5 business days for extensions and 7-10 business days for customized units.



How may I contact you?


Do you offer wholesale?

Yes, please email

What products can I  use?

Pantene, Silicone Mix, Tresemme